Traditional Dishes of Indian Cuisine

Traditional Dishes of Indian Cuisine

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You can judge by the county’s cuisine only by trying its traditional dishes only. They demonstrate us eating habits of some country, summarizing all the best.

Indian food has its own headliners and today we will explore them closer:

First Course

Dhal is a thick soup with rice or beans. It is cooked from coconut milk, tomatoes, lemon and curry. Dhal tastes better with Indian bread – chapatti tortillas or with samosa – snack with filling. Indians usually use the notion “chapatti” for a spoon for soup. As for samosa, cooks prepare it with potatoes, green peas or cheese.  

Main Course

Everybody in India will offer you to taste tandoori chicken. For this dish, chicken is marinated with yogurt and spices (cayenne pepper, chili and so on), then the meat is baked in special oven. Tandoori chicken is usually served with rice and different sauces: curry, chasmi, chili and so on. If you are trying this for the first time, take care of your stomach and ask the cook to put less spices in your portion.

Side Dish

Indian cuisine is famous for using a lot of vegetables. That’s why the most popular side dish is sabzi – spicy vegetable ragout. The recept may include yogurt, coconut milk, but sabzi with Indian paneer cheese and greenery is especially recommended by food bloggers.  


What about the sweets? Indian cuisine prepares for you something unforgettable. This is gajar halwa –  carrot halwa with almond. The dessert provides not only wonderful flavor, but also it has good influence on our health: nourish our skin, strengthen cardio and recharges with energy.   


Masala tea could be found in every district of India. This drink is boiled in big vats and served in small ceramic glasses. Spices in it give you energy, improve your mood, that’s why many people like to drink it in the morning. After a journey to India, many travelers continue enjoying this tea at home, as it is easy to prepare. You could also find this recipe on the Internet and treat your friends or relatives with an Indian delicates.  

We listed only the most famous Indian traditional dishes, but this cuisine has much more options to choose. If you can’t choose a dish to start with – order thali. You will get a big plate with little portions of every dish: rice, soup, chicken, vegetables, chapatti and sauces. Use it like a short degustation and check what will taste for you more.

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