Start Exploring India with its Delicious Traditional Cuisine

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Thinking about exploring India’s rich history dating back to the earliest

times? No doubts that a 7th largest country in the world with its 5 climate zones prepares something special to surprise you.

It is generally known that India is famous for its cultural diversity. Except for that, people all over the world are dreaming about the vacation in the country because of many other significant reasons. Just think about 35 World Heritage Sites located in India! And what about Indian food?

If you have a chance to spend some time in this marvelous country, make sure you add the local food in your to-do list! Here we have prepared the list of the top Indian beverages and desserts to be tasted:

Local Drinks that will Cater to all the Tastes

Dairy-based drink:

Milk is considered to be the divine food in India. So, it is not a surprise that milk is one of the most popular ingredients when talking about local drinks. The most famous ones are the hot dairy-based drinks with the spices.

Meethi lassi:

It is a sweetened yogurt-based Indian drink. It quenches thirst very well and it’s rose water aroma sets the mood for the day.


The drink has a perfect fresh fruit taste. Lassi is perfect for the light and hearty breakfast at the same time.

Watermelon Saunf Sharbat:

There is nothing better than relax drinking the tastiest Saunf Sharbat. This one consists of the refreshing watermelon to create a cooling effect at high noon.

Alcohol-free mulled wine:

In contrast, Indian Christmas spicy mulled wine is a perfect drink to warm up while partying or hanging out with friends.

Spice your Vacation up with the Top 5 Popular Indian Desserts

Gajar ka halwa:

Gajar ka halwa is the most popular traditional dessert that people make out of carrots, khoya, cardamom and cashew nuts. It will a real delight enjoying it during the cold months.


We can find a cardamom in Barfi as well. The dessert is a perfect one for New Year’s celebrations.


No one will remain indifferent after tasting the ball-shaped flour, sugar and ghee delight.

Saffron rice kheer:

A gluten-free dessert will become the yummiest snack for the ones on a diet. Try it and you will never forget the taste

Gulab jamun:

Why don’t you delight your friend with a perfect milk-solid-based sweet? The dessert will be an excellent addition to your calm evening.

A real Indian knows that millions of the words can be said about the Indian cuisine chef-d’œuvres. However, it is always better to try them yourself!


  1. I know travel companies that organize gastronomic tours in India. Now it is very popular, if you want to study the cultural traditions of the country, then start with food.

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