Features of Indian Cuisine

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Food is a fascinating way to discover the culture of any country. Today, this possibility is available for everyone even without leaving a hometown. You could try the tastiest dishes, sitting on the favorite sofa. Indian food is widely known as one from the most exotic.  

What Features of Indian Cuisine?

Every gourmet knows about its virtues. But if you don’t taste it before, we have a list of reasons to do this:

  • Amazing scent will captivate you after the first breathe. In early times, rich spices were put in meal for its sterilization in terms of high temperature of Indian climate. Nowadays, pepper, cardamom, carry etc are used for underlining the freshness of a dish and letting us to feel a full range of its flavor nuances. People enjoy Indian food because it always makes a feast for our taste buds. In a case of medical warns against too spicy food, the cook could reduce its quantity in your order and make the meal not so hot without losing its taste.
  • Variety of choice. Indian cuisine consists of dishes with vegetables, meat, milk, greenery, fish, and rice. Its menu includes soups, second dishes, desserts, drinks and a lot of sauces. That’s why it will be easy to everybody to find a delicious option. Vegetarian traditions came to us from India. So it is not  strange, that Indian food offers many dishes for vegetarians. Indians mostly use chicken and lamb.
  • Indian food is easy to cook and it does not require any special equipment or technologies in the kitchen. It means that you will not wait for the order in Indian restaurant for a long time and your dish will be freshly prepared. For people who never cook such dishes before, some difficulties could be caused by Indian sauces. But most of them you could find in the nearest supermarket. As for main ingredients, they are worldwide and are known very well: rice, vegetables, milk and so on.

Taking Care about the Health  

Unlike many others, Indian cuisine is healthy. The benefits are the following:

  • The meal is prepared from the seasonal products. So the dishes are full of vitamins and useful elements.
  • Herbs and spices could protect our health from many diseases and strengthen immunity. For example, curcuma prevents the cancer and help in struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Ginger is useful for office workers as it stimulates influx of oxygen to our brains.

Do you still have doubts that Indian cuisine is worth attention? Next time when you will have a free evening just visit the nearest Indian restaurant and taste everything yourself!

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  1. A distinctive feature of the dishes of Indian cuisine is a game with spices and smell.

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