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The Beauty of Restaurant Discount Programs

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Regardless of the season, many restaurants put up great discount codes to enable customers, especially loyal ones to feel at home. It may be a sale strategy to engage more customers but it is actually working. These discount programs, coupled with stellar customer service that is usually offered with a bright smile, charm customers to keep coming and of course keep eating up.

Bringing friends to great restaurants with the best deals is one of the most lucrative ways to save money, especially if you are the one paying, because, come on! Who doesn’t like free things?

There have been a great share of freebies this summer, from extra plates of food to a free ticket to a ride at an amusement park! The discounts could be in the form of extra food or even free coupons to try other things. For instance in EET-MOR restaurant down south, I almost bowled over seeing the discount coupon that was served up with each food order above $40. The discount coupon gave online casino nz players a rare offer to get access to 40 more gold coins, meaning they had 40 more chances to bet.

A few independence day parade discounts were laid up in several restaurants, offering a little more than a big pile of meat  in Pub and Grill for half the initial price, and a large jug of beer. The same restaurant gave free food to the first 10 customers who arrived between the hours of 00:00 and 01:00 last wednesday. It would not be hard to imagine several people at the venue at midnight to benefit from the offers.

 Special Offers In This Season 

The discounts would not stop flowing in. Restaurants have an uncanny way of keeping offers fresh and compelling.

A back to school festival celebrated in restaurants all over the city offered 40-70% off any amount of food that was ordered. This special deal was designed for families that had small children who would resuming school in a month’s time. All the parents needed to do was show up with the young children, ages 4-12, fill a form at the entrance, sit down at specialised tables, make their orders and finally wait to be served like kings and queens.

Several offers like these were spread all over the city. I daresay it is possible to come across a restaurant that offered each customer a card that they would stamp at each visit. The card gave spaces for 10 stamps, the tenth visit a free one. On the tenth visit, the customer has access to free food for himself and an additional plate for a friend.


Between free meals and free drinks, anybody with the love for good food should be able to land himself a few of these offers.

Restaurants in general do a great job in keeping customers in love with their food. It would actually be a plus if the food tasted good. With such great discounts over time, any restaurant can definitely manage to gather enough customers to be able to reach their monthly or yearly targets. Food has always been a great way to keep people around and happy. Why not make it free and throw in some extra gifts! With this, the talk of restaurants will definitely on everybody’s lips in the coming days.